Forum Title: In over my head! What would you Pros do?
I have recently started to remodel my upstairs bathroom. Everything is going great, until I start to work on the floor. I currently have ceramic tile down now. I was told at a home improvement store that I need to take up the old tile and then lay down some plywood. I start to pull up the tiles, not easy but its working. Then all of a sudden I remove several tiles and a big chunk of what looks like concrete comes up with the tiles and that happens to more after further attempt. I decided to stop before it got any worse. Underneath the tiles and concerts is what appears to be some kind of wire mesh?? I have no idea what to do next and could really use some help.
Category: Flooring Post By: Nick L (Huntersville, NC), 03/05/2019

being an upstairs bath i will assume that its a wood subfloor ---from your description it sounds like an old school mud job---this was often used before cement board and basically the tile setter poured a cement slab over the bathroom floor ---the wire mesh was to strenghten the slab and to minimize cracking---this was designed for permenant installation---it aint to happy about coming up---the slab could be of various thickness--though about 3 inches was the norm ---your choices at this point is rip it all out down to the wood subfloor or using leveling compounds to level out the floor and go over it----plywood is not an option since the mud job wont hold a fastener----ripout will be a challenge---a hammer a chisel and a bad attitude would be a start---there will be flying shrapnel---protect yourself safety glasses and kevlar is a start---but hammering in a bath can have other risks---plumbing damage to start----does the mub job go under the bath/shower? proceed with caution---more info from you gets more info from us

- JUNE DELGADO (Raleigh, NC), 04/17/2019

Thank you for the reply rugaddict! Yea this floor is defiantly an old school mud job, it goes TILE-->CEMENT---WIRE MESH--->then finally the subfloor. Which appears to be about 2-3 inches down. It looks like the bathtub was not installed with a mud job under it and not sure about the toilet. This stuff is very hard and dangerous to get up. I was wearing gloves and safety glasses and yesterday I managed to get 5 stitches in my right middle finger, sliced me right down to the tendon. Luckily there is not a whole lot of tile and the mud job showing, most of my bath still has the old tile up. My plan was to get the old tile up, lay down a very thin piece of plywood (Lowes called it something else, can't remember) and then lay down my Peel and Stick Tile Flooring. At least they made it sound that easy. Is there anything that I can do besides ripping up the whole floor? The section that I already have ripped up is probably about 34x40 and about two spots where the mud job started to come up. Thanks again for the advice!!

- JEANETTE WADE (Parma, OH), 05/16/2019

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