Forum Title: Carpet, Carpet Tiless or Tile - Which to Use?
We have a family room that is about 18' X 18'. It has off-white berber carpet in it now. It's pretty hard to keep clean due to traffic and so we want to replace with something. We cannot use wood or wood laminate due to the rooms in / out of the family room having differing wood froors (hard to match). Here's our thoughts: 1. Carpet - Is there a carpet that is noted for stain resistance and easy of cleaning? Is there a pattern used that hides dirt better than others. What would a pro use? 2. Tile - Is there a ceramic tile that won't get too slippery when wet? Is this a common thing for a family room? Will it be an asset to the value of the home? 3. Carpet Tiles - This seems a great option and we've seen it used in commercial buildings. Is there a high grade line / manufacturer who makes something that will look good in a home? Is this product easy to install / replace? Give us your thoughts and thank you for your help!
Category: Flooring Post By: SANDRA MOORE (Naperville, IL), 02/20/2019

carpet is the lest expensive---nylon is the easiest to clean---the more you get away from a solid color the better for hiding---the darker colors for the same reason---carpet tile is a little more money---but the styles and patterns are unlimited and the simplest to replace a worn or stained peice---ceramic is the most expensive ---the best investment for resale--but nonskid---no not really

- ELAINE JACOBS (Colorado Springs, CO), 05/25/2019

The other option that you don't consider is interlocking rubber. There are some nice quality products out there that look nice, are stain and bacterial resistant and offer the sound deadening that carpet offers.

- MARGIE RAMSEY (Denton, TX), 04/01/2019

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